Femur Incidents 2/15-2/20

After a great February break, the students are back and patrol is in full force. Thanks to Angie, Tucker, Caroline, Atticus, and Roger for a great 9 days. As Tucker explained in the previous post, we focused a lot of our training on femur-related emergencies over break and these great patrollers helped relay all of […]

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Traction Training

Tucker Angier, senior and co-president of ski patrol wrote this account of our on-hill traction splint training. “This week as part of our continual effort to improve quality of care and efficiency on the hill, we participated in a traction splinting training. Traction splinting is the process of pulling on someone’s ankle, in the event […]

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Feb Graduation! 2/6

Each year Middlebury hosts a graduation ceremony in the spring for regular admittance students and in February for the “Febs” or February admittance students. This Saturday, the community celebrated the graduation of the Feb class of 2015.5 as the graduates skied down the Snow Bowl, accelerating out of College and into the “real world.” Saturday morning began […]

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Senior Patroller Sarah Fossett, 1/30

This weekend, each patroller examined the oxygen packs used in on-hill incidents. Below is senior patroller Sarah Fossett exploring the contents of the oxygen packs. Sarah has a very busy Saturday, responding to four calls (could that be an all-time one-day record?) This is Sarah’s account of the day: “The first patient was an approximately 30 […]

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