Femur Incidents 2/15-2/20

After a great February break, the students are back and patrol is in full force. Thanks to Angie, Tucker, Caroline, Atticus, and Roger for a great 9 days. As Tucker explained in the previous post, we focused a lot of our training on femur-related emergencies over break and these great patrollers helped relay all of our protocol updates to the rest of ski patrol. During the week, patrollers practiced with the pelvic splint (used in proximal femur fractures and pelvic fractures). This weekend, patrol practiced on-hill traction splinting and back-boarding, administering oxygen and monitoring for shock.

Andrew and Caroline practice using the pelvic sling on Abbie.
After securing the traction splint and Jeff to the backboard, Angie commands the incident and delegates tasks to her supporting patrollers.
Daryl, Jessie, and Angie prepare the sled.
After BEAM lifting Jeff into the sled, Abbie checks his comfort and level of responsiveness.
Angie and Jessie transport Jeff down the mountain.

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