Rookie Day and Carnival Classic races at Rikert!

Carnival weekend is a long three days with patrol working both nordic races and alpine races on Friday and Saturday. The Sunday after carnival is traditionally “Rookie Day”- a day in which the rookies run the mountain with Sean and Jeff on standby.

Daryl’s write-up of Rookie day:

“On the morning of Sunday the 28th of February, 9 rookies made the trek up to the Snow Bowl to enjoy a day of patrolling without the veteran patrollers watchful gazes. Spence Peterson unfortunately, after having a knee surgery elected not to join us as he could not in fact ski. Those who made it to Proctor breakfast after a somewhat wild night piled in to the cars.

The day after that went smoothly for a number of hours until around noon when things unfortunately got serious in the base area. President Tucker Angier who was up free skiing with friends responded with Assistant Director Jeff Colt to a distressed man in the parking lot complaining of severe stomach pain, clamminess and weakness. Tucker and Jeff assisted the man out of the passenger seat of his car and into a standing position. The man tried to vomit unsuccessfully and said that he was going to go to the bathroom. He turned around and leaned on the hood of a car and then the left side of his body collapsed. EMTs and an Ambulance were immediately activated while Tucker and Jeff provided emergency care and oxygen for what presented as a heart or brain complication. EMTs arrived to an alert patient being cared for by Jeff, Tucker and Eli Susman, who had responded with additional blankets and support. Eli, also an EMT, had worked with the responding EMTs before and was a great help in the transference of care. The man ended up being sent off to the hospital in his car with his wife driving and the ambulance following.

Fortunately, the man was transferred to higher care without a worsening of his symptoms because of the quick action and expert care of the patrollers involved. While none of the rookies were directly involved with caring for the patient, it was a good learning experience for many of us not only because of the skills needed in response, but also because many more patrollers responded than were needed and it was an opportunity to see that when there are too many people, it is best to go back to what you were doing or to stand out of the way.

There were no other serious calls but there was plenty of mischief about! Greta and I made our way up to the top hut for our afternoon double-duty and were presented with an odd sight; all of the furniture was outside… An unknown individual had pranked Brendan and Andrew, telling them that workers were coming to replace the carpets in the top hut and that they needed the furniture removed to do their job. And so, Greta and I got to bask in the sun on one of the leather couches until the boys had to come back up to move it all back in. The boys will tell you that they tricked us into helping them but Greta continued lounging and I mostly just watched them struggle.

Prior to moving the furniture in, Ben Reno, Michael Kravitz and Andrew Schwartz came up to hang out with us. They entertained Greta and I as they played baseball with ski poles and snowballs, attempted to balance on the tips of their skis and generally just act like fools. It was all fun and games until Sean and Jeff got off the lift. The boys all scrambled to get their patrol coats back on (they had been shirtless with just their radio harnesses on). Ben and Brendan cowered behind the others and floundered on the ground trying to get their jackets on with minimal snow-to-skin incidents while Kravitz and Andrew quickly slid their coats over their bare chests. Sean skied by, towing his little girl Sloan in his wake, giving us all a look, but never saying a word. Greta and I, of course, thought the whole scene to be hysterical what with the rookie boys shaking in their boots at the sight of Jeff and Sean.

By that time it was already 3 and we had yet to pull a prank on the veteran patrollers so we scrambled to pull something together last minute. It involved five of us grabbing one ski from each pair of skis in the ski room that weren’t rookie skis and bringing them to the top of Worth where we stowed them in the Top Hut. It was the best we could come up with on the spot, but hey, it was pretty funny at the time. The sweeps came down, the mountain was closed for the day and we got ready to leave. Successful rookie day? I think yes.”

Meanwhile… Down at Rikert Nordic Center was the classic race of carnival. 

Atticus’ write-up of the classic race:

“Sean and I were stationed at Rikert for the classic race. Overall the men’s race was pretty hard icy snow and the weather warmed up significantly  for the women’s race later in the day. Some of the girls even raced in just a bib. Sean and I set up on the largest down hill (just after the “A climb”) on the course. I was about half way up with the ATV and medical supplies, while he stood at he bottom to help immediately with any carnage. Both Sunday races went on without any incidents. At the finish of the women’s race some competitors came across the line and collapsed immediately. Sean administered O2 to these finishers. He remarked to me after how amazingly quick these tired races responded to having O2 given to them. Aside from that we both had a great day down a Rikert!”

Thanks to Daryl and Atticus for taking the reigns at their respective locations and for providing their accounts.

Carnival results:


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